Doer of Things.

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Hi there.

I'm Tracey Berg-Fulton. I'm a doer of things. What does that mean? it means I combine my love of making (and breaking) things, a passion for history, and a geeky relationship with the web to do cool things for people.

I am from Pittsburgh, but have had the pleasure of moving around quite a bit, living in Belfast, Glasgow, and Columbus, OH. I earned my BA Otterbein University, and my graduate degree from the University of Glasgow. I'm also a graduate of the Udacity Front End Web Development Nanodegree program.

In my spare time, I'm a runner, and the proud owner of a 4:25 4:13 marathon PR. I also still photograph the old fashioned way, using my trusty 15 year old Holga 120s. You can see my photography work on my Flickr page. I own a 1959 Nash Metropolitan project car that's a labor of love. Read about my Met's issues here.

I get way too excited about Antiques Roadshow, 19th century tiling, early sanitary ceramics (aka the history of the loo), baking, and fuzzy bearded dogs. I cry at weddings, listen to old records, and generally keep my New Year's Resolutions.

So, that's me. Now, what cool stuff can we do together?

Things I've done.

I'm currently enjoying life as Community Manager for Authentic Jobs. I help solve problems for customers, manage social media and e-mail marketing campaigns, and generally try to employers and job seekers find eachother.

Before coming to Authentic Jobs, I was collections database associate and provenance researcher at the Carnegie Museum of Art. You can read about my work on the Art Tracks project on the CMOA blog.

Prior to working at CMOA, I was data manager for a tech start up in Pittsburgh, where I supervised a large team of interns, part-timers, and full timers to process data, do data QA, and create a descriptive taxonomy.

Since 2012, I have served as Web Chair for the Registrars Committee of the American Alliance of Museums (RC-AAM). I maintain the domain, supported by an amazing team of volunteers and peers. The site is undergoing a responsive redesign, so watch that space!

Speaking, writing, and upcoming events.

From time to time, I say words in front of people. If you'd like to see my say words, here's some opportunities to do that.

Upcoming events:

Old stuff:

Curious about my qualifications? Have a look at my resume, or shoot me an e-mail.

Cuppa tea and a chat?

If you'd like for me to come speak to your group or at your event, or if you'd just like to get together for a cuppa tea, get in touch.

I'm always happy to talk!